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Estate Planning

Imagine How Good You’ll Feel When You

– Save Your Family From the Heavy Financial and Emotional Burdens of Probate to Make it Easy on Them

– Protect Your Family, Money, Assets, Home, Freedom to Make Your Own Decisions, Right to Privacy, and More…

Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Coaching, Advice

Estate Planning

Reduced Stress

Dedicated Team For You

Treat You Like Family

Estate Planning

Your Family Can’t Afford No Plan or the Wrong Plan

  • No plan, or the wrong plan, leads to probate court or the wrong people getting your stuff. Probate court means headaches and hassles for your family. 
  • One mistake in your estate plan can lead to the wrong people getting the money and house or the whole plan falling apart.
  • Your family pays the price in aggravation, expenses, time, and frustrations of probate and more.
  • Your family’s financial and private information can be exposed to the public leading to financial predators preying on your family.

Save Your Family From the Pains, Expenses, and Headaches of Probate

Your comprehensive plan saves your family from the headaches, expenses, and anguish of probate

Protect Your Money & Assets

Your plan protects your money & assets. Know somebody you know and trust will be in charge if you can’t be. Don’t give it all to a nursing home.

Rest Easy & Stop Worrying

Your plan will give you peace of mind and confidence that you’ve done all you can to protect you, your family, and your money the best way possible.

We Get it…Estate Planning can be Hard and We’re Here to Help.

We’ve helped 1000’s of people just like you navigate the complexities of estate planning.

Planning is for Everybody

I have always thought Estate Planning was for people with lots of money and assets. Because of your most appreciated help I now realize its also needed for ordinary people too! I thought you might let everyone know about Estate Planning being necessary for any and all.

Gayle Y.


I found Gary’s winning combination of knowledge AND compassion to be priceless! I highly recommend him for your family’s estate planning needs.

Bambi B.


Mr. DeWitt and his wife were very professional and handled my legal needs in a timely fashion with attention to detail. I couldn’t ask for better service. I highly recommend this law firm.

Sylvia M.


Gary and Winnie were amazing to work with. Eased a very rough and trying time with will and probate. They were on top of everything and were always very quick to answer my questions. If you have will problems or probate I highly recommend them.

Denise S.

Great Communications

Gary and team have been great to work with. Probate and estate planning can be a tough process but Gary has the knowledge and communication skills required to make this process as easy as possible for your family. If you’re searching for a probate or estate attorney, look no further!

M. Wyatt

Stress Free Step-by-Step System

Step 1

First Meeting

We’ll talk about your goals and needs then discuss your legal options for a successful outcome.

Step 2

Evaluate & Design

Get a plan of action for your issues or needs that is as easy and painless as possible, has the greatest chance to succeed, saves money, and upfront pricing

Step 3

Face Your Future With Confidence

Get your solution delivered. No matter what your legal issue is, get your solution as easily and painlessly as possible without costing more money or time than necessary.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning One Step at a Time

At DeWitt law we understand what’s it like to worry about family. That’s why we created our easy estate planning system. So you can stop worrying about what may happen and know what will happen.

We offer professional, knowledgeable plans for families to protect, preserve, and save assets and hassles. You can rest easy knowing your loved ones are taken care of.

You’ll be surprised at how easy this can be. We guide you through the process with our unique, easy to follow, one step at a time system. We do the hard part.

For most of our work, we’ll give you the price up front for your peace of mind. From time to time we do hourly work, but that is the exception, not the norm

Estate Planning

Get The Ultimate Estate Planning Book – FREE 

Just Some of What You Will Learn:

  • Why a Will is not enough to avoid probate
  • How to Avoid Probate’s Devastating Financial & Emotional Consequences
  • The Parts of a Comprehensive Plan – Wills, Trust, Powers of Attorney
  • How to Save Your Money and Family from Financial Predators, Nursing Home Costs, & Dire Consequences

Why Estate Planning?

What Happens Without a Plan?

  • Probate is the default. Without your plan, your estate will have to go through Probate and all the hassles that brings.
  • Decisions made without your input! If you can’t make your own decisions, a Judge gets the final say.
  • You don’t decide who gets what, when, how, and how much…the State does.
  • You don’t decide who manages your personal, legal, financial and healthcare choices…the State does.
  • You lose control

With a Plan

  • Save Your Family From the Aggravations of Probate. Take control so the law doesn’t take control from you. Know who will get what, when, how, and how much
  • Take care of yourself – Know who will make decisions for you in a health or personal crisis
  • Care for your family – Pick the people you trust the most to take care of your loved ones
  • Experience peace of mind and relief you deserve
  • Feel good knowing you’ve just finished a major step in protecting you, your family, and your money

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