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Show Your Family How Much You Care

Powers of Attorney

Feel secure, maintain control, and have peace of mind by Protecting you, your loved ones, and assets the best way possible


Facing Uncertainty

In a world full of uncertainties, not having an estate plan can leave your family in a maze of legal complexities, especially in cases of incapacity or death. Without your directives, decisions about your health, assets, and estate may fall into the hands of the court through probate or guardianship, a process that can be lengthy, costly, and emotionally taxing for your loved ones.

With DeWitt Law Firm, you are not only protecting your assets from probate but also ensuring your wishes are respected in times of incapacity. An estate plan crafted with us means clarity and direction for your family during challenging times, safeguarding your legacy and providing peace of mind that your affairs are in order, come what may.

Save Your Family From the Ordeal  of Guardianship 

Your comprehensive plan saves your family from the headaches, expenses, and anguish of going to court to get permission to mange your affairs and decisions

Protect Your Money & Assets With Your Powers of Attorney

Your plan protects your money & assets. Know somebody you know and trust will be in charge if you can’t be. Don’t give it all to a nursing home.

Rest Easy & Stop Worrying When Your Powers of Attorney are Done

Your plan will give you peace of mind and confidence that you’ve done all you can to protect you, your family, and your money the best way possible.

We Get it…Powers of Attorney Seem Hard and Intimidating so We’re Here to Help

Estate planning can be intimidating and seem difficult. Not only are you forced to think about what happens when you die, but you also have to make potentially family and life altering decisions.

The good news is — it doesn’t have to be this way!

With a little help, you can be sure that your assets go to whom you want, when you want, and in the way that you want. I offer a free 15-minute call just to get to know each other and Discover if … and how … I can help you. Book a call now.

Powers of Attorney
Gary DeWitt Attorney At Law

 Your Guide to Success

I know first hand how hard it is to lose somebody and the headaches that follow. I know the importance of having a plan in place.

My father passed away of a sudden heart attack in 2010. Because of this, mom and I had to take the family ranch through probate – for the third time since 1975.  This was an extremely long and stressful process and it is the last thing that anyone wants to go through while they are mourning.

I decided then and there a better way must exist. And it does. That better way is an effective estate plan.

I’ve helped 1000’s of families avoid probate and other legal messes.

Tanaya Lucke
November 8, 2023.
I am so thankful I found this firm. They went above and beyond to help in my very stressful situation. They took the stress of the legal work away and I could breath. I wish I could give 10 starts. Highly recommend!
DeDe Cottingham
October 28, 2023.
The folks at DeWitt Law Firm are great. I would highly recommend them for your estate planning needs. They are friendly, thorough, and explain the entire process on a level you can understand. They provided excellent counsel for our next steps.
ivo kool
October 4, 2023.
Really Helpful and Skilled in setting up trust. Great to work with
Patty Marchbanks
September 9, 2023.
Gary and his wife were so friendly and knowledgeable with helping us with our Estate . They answered all our questions and gave us directions in things we hadn’t thought about. If you are thinking about getting your State planning done my husband and I highly recommend them !
Janet Brown
September 4, 2023.
Had a very good experience with Gary and Winnie. They were very speedy and detailed in getting several documents in order for me. I would highly recommend this law firm.
Mary Orr
August 16, 2023.
DeWitt Law Firm helped me with my Estate Planning. They were so easy to talk to and very informative of my needs. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for help planning their Estate or preparing a will.
Michael Knight
August 16, 2023.
In this fast lane era, where time is money, I worry that folks don't appreciate down to Earth direct talk. Only a few professionals will give you some honest minutes of genuine help. I know that answering machines, short attention spans, lack of interest, indifference, and failure to listen are today's reality. But today I got a friendly, attentive receptionist, who answered the phone, and sounded like my neighbor across the street. A few hours later after lunchtime, Mr Dewitt texted me directly with an enlightening conversation that made my day. He reminded me of my family Doctor. He gave me a referral to a more specialized appropriate attorney. To me, this gentleman was like a diamond in the rough.
Richard Stuart
August 12, 2023.
Gary and his staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I was the personal representative for my aunt’s estate. She live over 400 miles away in Arkansas and Gary was her attorney. They made settling the estate, from a great distance away, very simple and easy. Gary communicated very well with me and helped me with the sale of the house, and everything else that was involved. Gary is so knowledgeable about estates, wills and trusts. We even made changes to our own estate affairs from what we learned from Gary. I highly recommend this office. They will take care of you!
The Best Wills and Trusts Attorney

The Best Wills and Trusts Attorney

The Best Elder Law

The Best Elder Law

Powers of Attorney

Three Simple Steps – Leave Nothing to Chance

Free Consultation

Free Consultation

Schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your needs, followed by an assessment where the attorney recommends a customized estate plan.

Draft & Review

Draft & Review

We will draft your estate plan, including wills, trusts, and other necessary documents. You then review and approve these documents, ensuring they align with your goals.

Sign and Rest Easy

Sign and Rest Easy

Sign the documents to officially finalize your plan. We are available for any future updates or adjustments as your life circumstances change.

Who Needs Powers of Attorney?

Everybody over 18 years old needs powers of attorney. Without powers of attorney you risk a Judge or worse, Adult Protective Services, taking over your life. When a Judge takes away your rights it is called “guardianship.” Powers of attorney stop this.

Durable Power of Attorney for Finances and More

This names the people you want to manage your affairs when you aren’t able to (or don’t want to). You get to make the choice of who manages your affairs instead of a Judge. You get to limit their power to what you want.

Without a durable power of attorney you family may not be able to get to funds to care for you or make ends meet.

Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare

A healthcare power of attorney names the people you want to make your healthcare decisions when you can’t. If you don’t, then family will need to go to court to let a Judge name the person who will be in charge.

How to Get Started

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