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Attorney Gary DeWitt

I know first hand how hard it is to lose somebody and the ordeals and nightmares that follow.

My father passed away of a sudden heart attack in 2010. Because of this, mom and I had to take the family ranch through probate – for the third time since 1975.  This was an extremely long and stressful ordeal and it is the last thing that anyone wants to go through while they are suffering from the loss of a loved one.

I decided then and there a better way must exist. And it does. That better way is an effective estate plan.

What motivates me everyday is helping you meet your goals. Only once I have a complete idea of what is going on will I make a recommendation that meets your goals.


I had a normal life for a boy growing up in Northeastern Oklahoma on a cattle ranch. I spent my days going to school and my mornings, afternoons and nights working on my family’s farm. At an early age, I learned the importance of hard work. My family raised me with strong values: Perseverance, Honesty, Integrity & Service. I was also taught that my life should be conducted in the order of God, Family, Country.

I was blessed to be able to attend Oklahoma State University, majoring in Business Administration and Computer Science. After graduation, I spent the next 20 years working as a computer professional & consultant. Most of that time was spent working in the agriculture industry at a very large poultry company & providing consultation services to numerous Fortune 100 companies. Although I was successful, I felt something was missing in my life.

The Turning Point

In February of 2010, my father died of a sudden heart attack. Because of this, Mom and I had to take the family farm through probate – for the third time since 1975. This time it was 10 months of probate – really short, by probate standards. The problem was, he kept all the farm records in his head. Mom and I were literally trying to run an obstacle course in the dark. His lack of planning and record keeping created an ordeal and nightmare for us. We had to clean up the family mess.

Later that year, I experienced heart problems. While lying in the hospital and reflecting on my future, I decided to take my life and career in a new direction. Because of the experience (and the stress) of going through the Probate Court, I decided I wanted to help families navigate their own probate issues. And through proper planning, guide others in avoiding this stress, altogether.

Although not many people go to Law School with the goal of becoming an Estate Planner, that’s exactly what I did! I attended the University of Arkansas Law School, graduated, passed the bar and was reborn as an attorney.

I opened the DeWitt Law Firm and I limit my practice to the areas of Estate Planning, Elder Law, Probate, and business law. Growing up on a farm, it was understood that during the good times, you should prepare for the not-so-good times (accidents are not uncommon on a farm).

Most people don’t think about Estate Planning, often until it is too late.

I feel with proper Estate Planning your family should not have to go through Probate. Nobody should have to add extra strain to an already emotional time. Families deserve to be protected from the dangers they don’t know about. If you are already going through Probate Court, my goal is to help guide your family though the process, as stress-free as possible.

The best part of being an Estate Planner, what motivates me every day are the families I get to work with. Meeting you, hearing your stories & counseling you on creating a practical & effective plan for your future, is a gratifying experience. I truly enjoy taking you through the planning process, explaining and simplifying the “legalese” along the way — so you understand all your options and make the best decisions for you and your loved ones.

My education, coupled with my valuable life experiences, gives me a unique perspective, and allows me to bring Estate Planning and Elder Law solutions to your family, in a way that goes beyond the traditional lawyer/client relationship. I don’t provide canned, one-size-fits-all plan.


Oklahoma State University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Business

Northwest Arkansas Community College

First Responder

Emergency Medical Technician

University of Arkansas

Juris Doctor of Law (JD)

University of Western New England

Master of Laws (LLM) in Estate Planning and Elder Law

Tanaya Lucke
November 8, 2023.
I am so thankful I found this firm. They went above and beyond to help in my very stressful situation. They took the stress of the legal work away and I could breath. I wish I could give 10 starts. Highly recommend!
DeDe Cottingham
October 28, 2023.
The folks at DeWitt Law Firm are great. I would highly recommend them for your estate planning needs. They are friendly, thorough, and explain the entire process on a level you can understand. They provided excellent counsel for our next steps.
ivo kool
October 4, 2023.
Really Helpful and Skilled in setting up trust. Great to work with
Patty Marchbanks
September 9, 2023.
Gary and his wife were so friendly and knowledgeable with helping us with our Estate . They answered all our questions and gave us directions in things we hadn’t thought about. If you are thinking about getting your State planning done my husband and I highly recommend them !
Janet Brown
September 4, 2023.
Had a very good experience with Gary and Winnie. They were very speedy and detailed in getting several documents in order for me. I would highly recommend this law firm.
Mary Orr
August 16, 2023.
DeWitt Law Firm helped me with my Estate Planning. They were so easy to talk to and very informative of my needs. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for help planning their Estate or preparing a will.
Michael Knight
August 16, 2023.
In this fast lane era, where time is money, I worry that folks don't appreciate down to Earth direct talk. Only a few professionals will give you some honest minutes of genuine help. I know that answering machines, short attention spans, lack of interest, indifference, and failure to listen are today's reality. But today I got a friendly, attentive receptionist, who answered the phone, and sounded like my neighbor across the street. A few hours later after lunchtime, Mr Dewitt texted me directly with an enlightening conversation that made my day. He reminded me of my family Doctor. He gave me a referral to a more specialized appropriate attorney. To me, this gentleman was like a diamond in the rough.
Richard Stuart
August 12, 2023.
Gary and his staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I was the personal representative for my aunt’s estate. She live over 400 miles away in Arkansas and Gary was her attorney. They made settling the estate, from a great distance away, very simple and easy. Gary communicated very well with me and helped me with the sale of the house, and everything else that was involved. Gary is so knowledgeable about estates, wills and trusts. We even made changes to our own estate affairs from what we learned from Gary. I highly recommend this office. They will take care of you!
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The Best Wills and Trusts Attorney

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