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Probate Attorney – With You Every Step of the Way

We focus on probate so you can focus on family.



Take Care of Family

Take care of your family.  We’ll take care of the maze of probate.


Been There

Gary has been through Probate personally.  It gives him empathy and insight of what you are going through.


Ensures Wishes

If there is a Will, Probate ensures wishes are carried out as instructed.

What to Expect

Probate is difficult and confusing.  

The sooner you engage a professional who is skilled in probate, the smoother and easier it will go.  Questions often come up before the funeral has even happened. We can answer those questions and get you off to a smooth start.

If there is a Will, those wishes will be carried out by the Executor and enforced by a Judge.

If there isn’t a Will, then the State has decided how things will be done.

In either case a Personal Representative is appointed.  The job of the Personal Representative in Probate is to pay debts, taxes, and distribute what is left.

With You Every Step of the Way

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What Our Clients Say

DeWitt Law Firm’s Steps


We listen to you and identify what matters most to you – wants, goals, worries, and concerns


We evaluate your options and pick the best one


We discuss the issues involved and advise you on the pros and cons of each option


After we Listen, Evaluate, and Advise, only then will we Prescribe the Best Solution for your Peace of Mind

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