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Gary DeWitt

About Gary DeWitt

I know first hand how hard it is to lose somebody and the headaches that follow. My father passed away of a sudden heart attack in 2010. Because of this, mom and I had to take the family ranch through probate – for the third time since 1975.  This was an extremely long and stressful process and it is the last thing that anyone wants to go through while they are mourning. I decided then and there a better way must exist. And it does. What motivates me everyday is helping you meet your goals. Only once I have a complete idea of what is going on will I make a recommendation that meets your goals. Oklahoma State University Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Northwest Arkansas Community College First Responder Emergency Medical Technician University of Arkansas Juris Doctor of Law University of Western New England Master of Laws (LLM) in Estate Planning and Elder Law

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