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How to Protect My Stuff and Family to Stay in Control Without the Nightmare of Probate and Government Interference in My Family’s Private Affairs

Estate Planning Attorney
  • How do I shield my family from the nightmare of probate with its exorbitant legal fees, Government intrusion, and publicity?
  • How does planning give me and my family peace of mind to stop stress and worry?
  • How do I avoid tragic lifetime legal problems for myself and my family caused by Government interference (some of these mistakes could cost you your house and money)?
  • What do I need to stop the Government from intruding into my private family affairs?
  • Should I have a Will or a Trust (or both)?
  • What causes Probate and why Probate?

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Estate plans can help you prepare for unexpected changes, offer a sense of security in uncertain times, and ensure that your wishes will be carried out if you become ill, incapacitated, or die unexpectedly.

Everyone—regardless of background or financial situation—should have an estate plan.

Get started on your estate plan by joining us for this Estate Planning Webinar, where you can learn more about the basics of estate planning—including wills, health care proxies, powers of attorney, medical directives, and funeral/memorial planning.

You need to have good answers to these questions:

  • Do you want your family to go through the nightmare, high costs, and waste of time of Probate?
  • Would the right people inherit your house and money?
  • Who would make your decisions if you couldn’t  (Your spouse can’t automatically make them for you)?
  • What would happen to your family if something happened to you tomorrow?
  • Do you want the State to control your decisions?