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Special Needs Planning

With You Every Step of the Way

Help the special people in your life maintain and get the benefits they deserve by planning ahead.

People with special needs need extra special planning, care, and consideration.


We’ll discuss your options and pick the best one

Special Needs Planning

Gain Peace of Mind & Feel Good

Avoid Hassles

Reduce Stress for You and Family

Why Should You Plan for Special Needs?

What Happens if You Don’t Plan?

  • Your loved one with special needs may lose out on their inheritance or may lose their benefits
  • Your family may be burdened with caring for your special needs child

When You Plan

  • Leave money for them without jeopardizing their benefits
  • Make sure funds are well managed and there is enough to meet their needs
  • Avoid giving it all to Medicaid

Take Your Next Step Now

The DeWitt Law Stress Free Step-by-Step System

Step 1


We listen to you and discover what matters most to you – wants, goals, worries, fears, and concerns

Step 2


We will evaluate your needs and come up with a plan of action to get your issues or needs taken care of as easily and painlessly as possible.

Step 3


The final step is to build your legal solution. No matter what your issue or needs are, we have built systems to make the work as easy and painless as possible without costing more money or time than necessary.

What Our Clients Say

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